Attraction And Love Bags

ATTRACTING and LOVE BAG suggestions: Small red or pink candle (the light  of love) A dried olive (the food of love)
    Shells (for sexual power) Two needles tied eye to point together, wrapped in corn husk, and bound with red cord or
    yarn (for a happy marriage)
    Heart of a Swallow
    Magnetic Horseshoe
    Wedding Ring
    Arrow Head
    Key (unlocks-or locks as the case may be-the heart of the lover)

   Stones-Malachite, Moonstone, Onyx, Ruby

   Roots and Herbs-Adam & Eve, Beth Root, Clover, Cubeb Berries, Da-
    miana, High John, Laurel, Lavender, Lovage, Orris Root, Scullcap,
    Southernwood, Thyme, Violet

   Seals-Magic Table of Venus
    Seal of the spirit Gusion who can make the unloved beloved (from
    the Lesser Key of Solomon)
    To Win the Female, which brings compliance of the entire female
    sex (from The Black Pullet)Seal of Aziabelis, Azielis, the Earth, Fire, Jesus of 
     God, Love, Mars, and Merbeulis (all from the Sixth & Seventh Books of
    Remember that you do not have to use all the charms in a bag-choose
    those which seem best suited to your special purpose. And do add your own
    personal talismans along with your faith in attaining the purpose or objective
    you have in mind.


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