Lucky And Gambling Bags

   LUCKY and GAMBLING BAGS may contain any number of these symbols:
    Rabbit's Foot
    our Leaf Clover (either real or facsimile)
    Pair of dice or Pair of Aces
    Two lodestones
    Black Cat Bone
    Image of St. Joseph or St. Anthony
    Heart of a Swallow
    Ankh (for wisdom, peace, and good fortune)
    Roots and Herbs-Alfalfa, Angel's Turnip, Burning Bush, Clover, Damiana,
    Devil's Shoestring, Dragon's Blood Reed, Grains of Paradise, Jezebel
    Root, Joe Pie, Little John Chew, Lucky Hand, May Apple, Mustard
    Seed, Myrtle, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Tonka Beans
    Seals-Magic Table of Jupiter
    Brings Good Fortune, Goetic Circle (from Black Pullet)
    Spirit of Amy (shows the way to fortune and wealth),
    Bune (helps acquire wealth and wisdom, or Eligos (attracts business
    and financial success)-from Lesser Key of Solomon.
    Master Key, Schernhamphoras No. 1, Air, Fortune, Good Luck,
    Greater Generation, Mercury, Saturn, Spirits, Sun (from the
    Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses)
    Remember that you do not have to use all the charms in a bag-choose
    those which seem best suited to your special purpose. And do add your own
    personal talismans along with your faith in attaining the purpose or objective
    you have in mind.


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