Garden Of Dreams

What magic lives for us to see
Where time is forever free
A thousand years a day here in the land of Fey
A magic place in my garden of dreams

If you'll just take my hand
I'll take you to this land
Where twilight never ends into the night it blends
As fairies weave gentle moonbeams in their hands

Won't you open your heart
May our love never part
Come dance in the moon's silver beams
Live forever in the garden of dreams

I'll take you there faraway
A place you surely will stay
You'll find there deep inside
Songs of the morning tide
And music of the Fairies way

Onata anasidhe manoa
Ana cre'un atana
Ori e'as anata mane'
Monacra a'atea manis
Is mi meiy
Ori's anata, monis