Faerie Wishes

The pixies and faeries in a hidden dell
Were dancing in circles round a wishing well.
They flitted and flirted about in the breeze
And they pranced and they danced in the shade of the trees.
I timidly asked, when they stopped for a spell,
For what do they wish, in their wishing well!
And they answered, “Give the name of anyone sick
And we’ll have them well – in double-time quick!”

So I whispered YOUR name (I was scared to speak loud)
And the Faerie Queen, wafting on thistle-down cloud
Lifted her wand, and the faerie folk sang
In silver tones – and your name rang and rang!!
And I know full well that they really were there –
The Faerie Queen with her shining gold hair
And the faerie dell with its magic spell ….
And that’s how I know that you’ll soon be well.