Somewhere in a place called fairyland
Leprechauns, elves, gnomes and fairies
Dwelled together in a piece of dreamland
Surrounded by beauty, love and also peace.

The beautiful Faery Queen was so grand
She was so kind, witty and so wee!
Always ready to lend a hand
And always doing 'round a good deed!

There were lots of grand balls and dances
And lots of games full of fun and chance
Where gnomes were always in trance
Watching the elves and fairies danced.

The Faery King and the Fairy Queen
They couldn't help themselves but to laugh and to grin
Catching the fairies taking the gnomes for a spin
And backstep on the ground again to begin.

Bullfrogs,Firebugs,Ladybugs and Dragonflies
And Sally silently, stood in awed watching
All the fairy people drinking and giggling
Singing and dancing inside a golden RING!!!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka LadyDP2000