My Enchanted Garden

Come one and all,
If you dare,
To my Enchanted Garden,
Please don't be scared,

I have goblins and monsters,
Witches and hags,
Also with their magical bags,
In these bags you will see,
Tricks and treats for you and me,

But don't get me wrong,
Listen with care,
Not only gargantuan beasts live here,

We have fairies and nymphs,
Pixies and gnomes,
Centaurs and mer-people,
Elves and sprites,
But beware of those glowing lights,
For there only a gag,
As you will see,
This was done by the red fairy,
Her name is unknown,
Some think she's a tale,
Told to children at bedtime,
If they wail,

But enough about her,
Lets talk about mer-people,
And their under lore,
Because if you listen carefully,
You will hear they live in the pond,
Just outside my door,
They have no legs,
But fins,
Not feet,
They're friends not foe,
Isn't that neat!

Also I should tell you of,
The centaurs too,
For they will be amazing,
For me and for you,
You see they are half man,
And half beast,
I should say at the least,

Well lets move on to the mischievous elves,
What are seen at the tips of their shoes?
They trick more than treat,
So if you should meet,
One of these,
Scare them away with a roar and a growl,
Don't get mixed up with them,
Just ask the barking owl,

Now I should tell you of,
They are pretty,
Beautiful enough to get you in a tizzy,
So don't give them a look of any kind,
For it may mean your death,
In very soon time,

Now I will tell you of the faes and the pixies,
They are the kind you will like,
I guarantee it,
Just be sure to give them enough sweet treats,
Or they'll take a hike!

Well gnomes you see,
Live in holes in the trees,
And don't come out for anything if you please,
Only for morsels of food left behind,
By little children wandering,
Some of the time,

Now sprites are a matter to be discussed,
You see they own some rare magic dust,
And a glow of bright light surrounding them,
Gives you a feeling that they are your friend,

Well that was the tale of my Enchanted Garden,
I hope it made your heart un-harded,
But might I add this to the end of my tale,
Believe in anything,
It will get you far,
It'll bring to new worlds,
That are very bizarre,
Just like my garden,
As you will see,
It is an impossible mystery,
That to this day,
I cannot figure out,
Oh well,
I guess it wasn't meant ot be known about,
So lets keep this a secret,
Just you and me,
And not tell a soul,

Ashley Mare Lettice