The Brave Fairy

          A long time ago a fairy by the name of Marr was searching the forest for mushrooms to eat. As he was looking he herd a faint cry which sounded like a baby. As he listened the cries got louder and louder. He then heard loud foot steps filling the forest with booming, so he quickly hid behind a tree. Peeking from the corner of the tree, he saw a enormous troll and in its hands was a baby elf. The baby elf was crying as loud as it could.
         Then the troll yelled: "Be quiet!!"
         The baby got quiet and stared at the troll with a scared look on his face.
         Marr then had an idea. he quickly flew in the air and said "Put down that child!!" Then he thought of how stupid he was to say that to a troll.
         The troll said, "You and what army?"
         With a loud gulp the fairy said, "The Army of the Elvin Kingdom."
         Hahaha!!, laughed the troll. Then the troll said, "Where are they you pitiful little fairy?"
          Marr said, "Uh, mmm.......on there way".
         The troll said, "There isn't a army is there?"
         "Uh no," said Marr.
         Then the troll said, I'll make a deal. If you get me two griffon eggs, il give you the child.
         gulp.......ok.said marr il get you the eggs.
         il be waiting here,you have till the sun leaves and the moon comes.
         but...bu....but that's less than an hour.
         I know. said the troll!
         Then Marr went off on to his long amazing journey to Mt. Ray. At twenty-five minuets past the hour and the fairy was still flying. When he saw the mountain in Joyce he knew he was close, and flew faster yet. Then he saw a griffons nest. He flew toward it and looked inside. There were 2 eggs. He quickly got them and put them into his leather pouch.
          When the mother griffon came back from hunting she saw that her eggs were gone. She followed the scent trail of her eggs, flying quickly, Marr, with the eggs in the leather bag was also flying as quickly as possible, When he got to the troll he gave him the eggs and the troll gave Marr the Elven child. Marr flew and took the baby to the nearest Elven town.
          The mother griffon was still looking for her eggs and when she saw the troll about to eat her babies, she swooped down and attacked the troll. The troll ran and fell in his hurry to escape her tearing beak and talons. She killed him, took her eggs and went back to her nest.
          He found the elf child's parents. All the elves were grateful and he was awarded the golden heart necklace of trust, in a great Elvin ritual and ceremony. The fairy was proud to get the necklace of trust. Now everyone knew he was a savior, friend, hero, and a being that has been honored with the highest reward that can be bestowed by the elves.