Japanese Fishing Float

I fell in love with you when I first saw you
Lying in the sand;
A green glass orb of mystery
That I held upon my hand.

Your untold stories have haunted me
Ever since that day,
And I will always wonder
What wave cast you there
And what things you have to say.

If I could only be like you
And drift along with the tide
I know I’d never cry again;
I wouldn’t have to hide.

If I could have your beauty –
Your clarity and perfect form,
I might find peace at last
From shamefulness and scorn.

I tried to keep you for myself
And I took you from the sea –
What foolishness to believe
That you were meant for me!

I hope you’ve found your way back home
To the ocean dark and green.
If ever our ways should cross once more,
You’ll be safest left unseen.