Behemoth was actually a very good natured guy,
But sadley his constant splitting headache often make him sigh.
Jack, his friend, would always pull out his red tongue to a great length.
While he would perform such wonderful feats, of amazing strength.

Despite his appalling appearance, Behemoth is actually a good natured guy. He gets along with just about everybody and is known for his great strength. The only problem is, he complains about a constant, "splitting" headache. Behemoth was one of the many characters that lived in Halloweentown.
He was used to pull Jack on the straw horse in the beginning of the film. He was a very uncomplicated
person, not really very smart and introspective, but ready to help others. He was strong and always ready to use his strength in the service of others. He was willing to put up with abuse, when he let his tongue be pulled out and then let go, without fighting back. He seemed to love small animals and immediately recognized the Easter Rabbit when he called him bunny. It probably upset him that he ran away due to his frightening appearance.