Jack Skellington was the unique leader of Halloweentown.
He was called the "Pumpkin King" and wore the proverbial crown.
He performed wonderful feats, setting himself afire so bright.
When bored, he took Santa's own place one disastrous Christmas night.
Jack leads the Halloweentown folks in planning their scary fun, a talent that earned him the title of "Pumpkin King." Jack enjoys spooking people with his scary screams. He is innovative and creative.
Jack Skellington is tall and thin with a bat bow tie. He has a face like a skeleton and his tall thin body moves elegantly across the screen. He has a genius for planning terrifying events, but, at heart, Jack Skellington is a gentle, melancholy guy, tired of
his crown and mournfully singing, "He would give it
all up if he only could." Jack is a multifaceted talented individual who has a full range of emotions. He wants to do something more than scare people with his bloodcurdling scream. His melancholy comes from his loneliness and isolation, and from his feelings of been here, done that. He's one of those people where everything seems to he going great on the outside but underneath he's pretty miserable. Jack's basically trying to do good, but he's misperceived. When Jack takes on the role of Santa he thinks everything is
wonderful, but he's actually driving the whole world into a
state of panic. There's something very beautiful and sad and funny about that. Jack Skellington has many different facets to his personality.
When we first see him on the screen, before we know his importance to the story, It's Halloween, and Jack is dressed like a scarecrow with a large pumpkin head. He seems stiff and clumsy until he jumps into the fountain and reemerges, making his grand entrance as himself, quite debonair in his black and white striped suit with tails. Throughout the film Jack shows us other aspects of his personality: he is depressed about the emptiness in his soul as he wanders through the forest, but then overcome with delight when he falls into the sparkling Christmas Town.
He is a delighted little boy when he dresses up as Santa Claus and delivers ghoulish presents from his coffin sleigh and an avenging angel when he later roars into action to rescue Santa and set things right. When he discovers Christmas, Jack tries to recreate it. Although his methods may be all wrong, his intentions are all good. And in his own way, Jack finally succeeds in bringing a bit of Christmas spirit to Halloweentown.

With his skeleton frame, Jack looks a sight.
But his heart wants more than screams at night.
Then the pumpkin king discovers a dream--
Bringing Christmas joy to Halloween.
Jack's house has a tall, spindly tower with a study on top, a fitting den for this impossibly thin puppet.