Hizzoner, the Mayor was selected manager over Halloweentown.
His face rotates, changing a happy smile to a worried frown.
While he will do his best to give you scary visions,
Please don't expect him to make any important decisions.
A two-faced politician, the Mayor of Halloweentown doesn't just change his tune when it is expedient. He can also physically change his face. If things are going well in town, his smiling face is to the front, but the tiniest hint of discontent and his frowning face swivels to the fore.
The Mayor of Halloweentown, an elected official, is never given a name, just his job title. He is a large frantic character with a tendency toward verbosity and an indecisive manner. "Jack! Please!" the Mayor cries at one point. I'm only an elected official here! I can't make decisions by myself!"
The mayor panics at the first sign of a problem.
He immediately jumps to a conclusion without first obtaining the facts or researching the problem. Verbose? Indecisive? Two-faced? Panics without getting the facts? A character like the Mayor could only exist in a fantasy world like Halloweentown. Surely you'd never find a politician like that in real life.
The mayor does have some positive attributes that also makes him suited for his job. He knows how to delegate authority and who the proper person is for the job. He is a hard -worker tenacious and responsible in making sure the responsibilities of his office are fulfilled. The day after Halloween he is already at Jack's door with the plans for Halloween of the next year, so the town can start preparations. He is asking for Jack's guide in this endeavor. We can see Jack's leadership in the organizing and delegating of all the complex jobs needed to make Christmas.
The Mayor also knows the importance of public recognition and reward. After thanking Jack for the planning and execution of the "best Halloween ever," he proceeds to hand out awards for a great variety of tasks. He recognizes the person or group and gives them public acknowledgment in the square in Halloweentown immediately after the completion of their duties.
The mayor in spite of his faults is respected and given a great deal of authority. When Jack returns from Christmastown he asks the Mayor to call a town meeting. The Mayor mobilized the town to look for Jack when he is missing.

Halloweentown's Mayor is a true bureaucrat.
He wears two faces beneath his hat.
One smiles whenever he's getting his way.
The other one frowns when his temper starts to fray.
No house is shown for the mayor. He
precides over the town hall and the public square. He drives his mayoral vehicle
which has a public address system and a
yowling siren to get people's attention. He uses both to get the attention of his constituents.