Oogie Boogie likes to gamble when your life is on the line.
He terrorizes the others, putting shivers up their spine.
He finally met his match the day he crossed Skellington Jack,
And completely disintegrated when the bugs left his sack.
Even in Halloweenland, where deadful is common - place, Oogir Boogie is particularly ghastly. He is a huge burlap sack bulging with spiders and snakes and creepy crawlies. He has a sinister gravelly voice, a voracious appetite, and an appreciation for a pretty leg.
He has a special dance and song. Oogie Boogie did not appear in Tim Burton's original poem, but Burton later sketched a portrait of a weird potato-sack guy with horrible things inside. Yet Oogie remained a villain without a cause. Finding the right personality for him was hard, recalls Thompson.
"We really counted on Danny's song to define Oogie's character." Filled with bugs, Oogie Boogie represents the ultimate Halloween nightmare. And he was monstrous to the animators, too. The Oogie puppet is two feet high gigantic for a stop-motion character. Most of the other
puppets are only about half Oogie's height.
Animator Mike Belzer says, "I had to dig in with my feet and physically push the Oogie Boogie puppet. He's so huge and there's so much foam, therefore the armature needs to be very tight; it's literally wrestling with the puppet."
Because of the different lighting used lit with eerie ultraviolet hues. One Oogie Boogie puppet is used in normal light; another, colored bright green, is used in ultraviolet light.
Oogie controls his helperslock, shock, and barrel having them bring him tasy critters to eat. When the string of his bage gets caught on some of the equipment in his lair, the bag is pulled off revealing what is inside this monster.
Artist Kelly Asbury indicates that while the rest of Halloweenland is "sort of fun scary," Oogie's lair is meant to have "a really threatening, sinister quality.
A scary guy has to live in
a scary place, and
Oodie's lair is a creepy gambling den, lit with eerie ultraviolet hues. Scattered about are various gambling
machines and gleaming torture devices, including an Iron Maiden that, true to the gambling theme, looks like the deadliest Queen of spades on record.