Sally was a special friend who loved Jack and knew him the best.
She tried to warn him of the folly of his obsessive quest.
He didn't listen, but she truly loved him in spite of this.
In the end, they climbed the hill together to spend their life in bliss.
This rag doll creation of Dr. Finklestein loves to sew... especially herself! Sally can rip off her arms and legs and then stick them back on, a useful trick when trying to escape from her evil creator. Sally is very talented with herbs and concocts a variety of brews in her kitchen. She has a room in the scientist's house and often sits in her room, by her window or on her bed, and thinks about Jack.
She puts deadly nightshade into the scientist's food, putting him to sleep so she can go out. In a more conventional film, with a more conventional heroine, Sally might be little more than Jack Skellington's romantic interest. But in Nightmare she becomes Jack's kindred spirit, the only one who can truly understands how he
feels. Sally is essentially an animated rag doll. She's basically a Frankenstein like puppet. She looks 1ike she's sewn together from a bunch of scraps." Her balance is precarious. Her arms flop. Her mouth is a tragic slash. Sally is certainly far from conventional ideals of beauty. But she doesn't even raise an eyebrow in Halloweenland, where everybody looks a little . . . different.The Sally character came from something real deep in me," confesses Tim Burton, a sort of weird impulse. She came out of drawings with this strange stitching image that I'd been thinking about for a while. I guess I work out a lot of psychological problems with these things.
Sally an expert at mixing potions, makes deadly nightshade soup to put the scientist to sleep.
Sally jumps from the tower. She will do almost anything to escape from her prison and reach her final destiny.