Jack tried to give Santy a vacation,
Much To Santa's extreme agitation.
Jack scared everyone on his fateful flight.
Santa had to work fast to set things right.
When Jack Skellington has his first entrancing look at Christmas Town. There is one figure that fascinates him more than any others. But he mistakes his name because he doesn't know any better ... and because it sounds more natural to his Halloween ears.
Jack calls this special person "Sandy Claws". The first time these two meet, Jack is surprised: "Why you have hands! You don't have claws at all!" He like the main characters have many faces to show varied expressions, but Santa needed a more human recognizable face since he is a
well known character to the audience. Armature maker Blair Clark describes Nightmare's Santa as a big fat round guy with little spindly legs." They have him dressed in robes like the old fashioned Santa Clauses of olden times. When Lock, Shock. and Barrel stuff him down into the pipe that leads to Oogie Boogie's Abode with plungers, it shows a holly print underwear. He also has very small hands.
. Oogie Boogie plays gambling games before boiling up Santa and Sally to make soup. The ending is a fore-gone conclusion since Oogie cheats until he wins. Sally tries to rescue Santa to help Jack, but gets caught herself. Jack comes to rescue both and repair the damage he's done. He alao realized that Sally is the one who understands him.
Santa lives in a brick house in Christmas Town. From here he checks on the Christmas preperations, checks his list and does other jobs needed to prepare for Christmas. The "Boogie Boys" grabbed him at his front door.