When in Halloween Town a full, bright, orange moon can be found
Everywhere you look it seems the werewolf is around
His sinister green eyes make you think he'll commit a crime,
But really he's only helping find a howling good time.
The werewold was designed to look fearsome with a mouth full of sharp jagged teeth, but in reality he seems a helpful, member of Halloween Town. He appears often, but only briefly through out the film. We first see him in the beginning when many of the characters are introduced.
He is there at the town meeting when Jack tells the community about Christmas Town.
He seems worried when Jack is experimenting and he also seems to be present when Jack announces his plans to take over Christmas. The werewolf is helping make the presents and participates in loading the presents in the coffin sleigh. He is also around the well as they listen to the report of Jack's adventure. Interesting enough we always see him in his wolf form.
Even though he is a rather minor character, when the original nightmare toy figures were produced he and Behemoth were included as the two non-major roles to be produced.