Haunted Mansion Holiday

Now when two holidays collide,
You end up on a scary ride.
Twisted scarols filling the air
You wonder what your doing there.

Jack Skellinton has been to call
Decorating each room and hall.
Halloween was already done
Now we're planning Christmas fun

Yet here Halloween lingers on
Seemingly never to be gone
Will Jack be staying the whole year?
No, but he'll return never fear.


Haunted Mansion
Holiday Mansion Ride Walk Through
Up On The Housetop
Scary Bells
Over The Graveyard
Old Mansion Tree
Wreck The Halls
We Wish You A Scary Christmas
The 13 Days Of Christmas
God Bless You Merry Grinning Ghosts
Nightmare Before Christmas Medley
We Wish You A Scary Christmas2
The Thirteen Days Leota

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