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You ask what has happened since that long ago night,
When Halloweentown worked to make Christmas a fright?
While it seems less children go out to trick or treat,
Parties abound in every park, school, and street.

Now adults have embraced this special scary night.
They decorate their houses with fiendish delight.
Adults now have parties, and they wear a disguise.
Every year Halloween fun continues to rise.

It's popularity just continued to grow
When Knott's Scary Farm decided to join the show.
But you ask what about Halloweentown and Jack?
Will there be a sequel ? Will he ever come back?

Perfection happens seldom, sometimes less is more.
Now we must find him here, and in toys from the store.
Jack gives Halloweentown a greater expanion
For you each year at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.


NMBC Poetry

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Send Your Poems
Send Your Poems

Can you believe a small poem grew to this?
A story that gave enjoyable bliss?
But now Tim's story is finished and spun.
Now others must write more until they're done.
Continue the tale, for we must all strive
To add to the lore, and keep Jack alive.

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