The Characters Of Halloweentown

The mayor is short and a little plump

Some people would say
He looks like a little stump
He has a tall hat
Because he is mayor
On the front of his car is a cat
He's a wonderful surveyer
Although the mayor is head of this town
Jack's the greatest guy around
Jack is the pumpkin king
He can scare anyone and anything
But he's not mean
He's actually quite tired of halloween
He's sick of screams
But he has some new dreams
And then there's sally
She loves jack so
But she doesn't know
If jack loves her too
Maybe she'll ask you
But in the end she'll find out
She'll figure whats its all about..
Zero is jack's companion and friend
He followed hi to the end
He's got a bright red nose
Like rudolph
No one knows
He's a little ghost dog
He's lights the way through fog

So this is the end
Its time to go
I hope that you enjoyed the show
Until next time
I bid farwell
If you like my poem
Please won't you tell?