< Dr. Finklestein's Crestion an original story written for Nightmare Before Christmas at Lair2000

Dr. Finkelstine's Creation

Halloween town, Two years later.

"Master...she's ready."
"Excellent, Igor."
The droning whine of an electric wheelchair resonated down the spiraling
hallway. The mad doctor's hunchbacked assistant faithfully trailing behind.
Another creation to bring to life.
Though Dr. Finklestine brought forth two synthetic humans, the need to
create still flowed through his veins.
"Is the power up to maximum level?"
"Yes, master. Everything's ready."
The creation lay inert on a metal table. Her head rigged up to a spider- web
of wire and electrodes. There was no going back now.
"Pull the switch!"
The laboratory exploded with light. From two metallic spheres, electricity
shot through the creation's patchwork body. Finklestine gazed in wonder
through his tinted goggles. Every volt stimulating the fabricated brain.
"IT LIVES!!!!"
A switch was pulled. The power turned off.
Hastily Dr. Finklestine wheeled himself to the creature's side.
She was. Though her very figure was held together with stitches, the creation
was a thing of loveliness.
"You shall be called Millie."
Suddenly the being awoke. Her eyes darting every which way, only coming to
halt on Finklestine's beaky face.
"Who.....who are you?" she managed to utter."
"Very good," the doctor grinned. "You grasp speech well for being five
seconds old."
With his gloved hand, Finklestine helped Millie off the table.
"Come, I'll show you to your......"
At the feeling of being touched, Millie involuntarily belted her creator across
the face.
"Who are you?"
With great difficulty, Finklestine heaved himself back into the wheelchair.
Adjusting the hinge on his head, the doctor regarded his creation.
"Hmmm....perhaps I put in too much strength. But no matter. You'll come to
respect me in time."

Alone. Millie sat huddled in the shadow of her room.
Finklestine locked the fabricated girl away for her violent behavior.
In the darkness of solitude, a cracked mirror was her only stimulant. For the
first time Millie discovered her appearance.
Trembling fingers crawled up her inky black hair. It was curiously arranged
in three, spiky pigtails.
A dress of red patches and chunky leather boots adorned her body.
But the focus of Millie's attention focused on the many stitches along her
arms and legs. She even had them on her face.
With great interest she toyed with the thread connecting her wrist.
With a snip and a tear the flimsy strand unraveled. Her disembodied hand fell
to the ground. Millie watched in facination as the appendage toddled about on
its own free will.
"You can come out now if you promise to behave."
The doctor had returned.
"Oh Millie, You lost your hand. Well I suppose that's expected. Come on
we'll sew you back up."
Millie allowed herself to be drawn back to the glaring lights of the lab.
The wiggling hand was dutifully reattached to her arm.
After other threads were tightened, Dr. Finklestine left his creation to her
own doing. For hours Millie explored her new surroundings.
Nothing escaped her attention. Everything from electrical generators to the
jarred specimens.
Suddenly something caught her eye.
The front door was unlocked.
Millie burned with curiosity. What lay beyond Finklestine's laboratory...
In the blink of an eye, she was gone.

The streets of Halloween Town.
A vast labyrinth of twisting, cobblestone roads and curious buildings.
To anyone else in the Holiday world, Halloween's citizens were the most
fantastic oddities ever to be seen.
The harlequin demon whose head pivoted on his lower jaw.
The behemoth with an ax lodged in his skull.
Lock, Shock and Barrel. The mischievous trick-or-treaters.
To Millie's incredulous eyes everything was a vast, revolving dream.
The town was all so magical. Her senses were bombarded with a million feelings at
The sights, the smells, the sounds.
Millie was in heaven. Being alive might not be so bad, she thought.
Someone's coming. Not having been exposed to the other citizens, Millie fled
for a hiding place. Crouching in the shadows, the inquisitive girl observed
the strange people.
"This'll be one of the finest Halloween's yet. Just a few more days 'till
the full moon and it'll be perfect." the man boomed.
His lady nodded.
"It certainly will. The Mayor's been at our door all day with plans."
Millie couldn't take her eyes off them. The man was a tall, skeletal
individual with a bat bow tie.
But it was the woman that truly caught her eye. She looked just like Mille.
With the exception of red hair the lady could've passed as her sister.
She continued to watch them with great interest.
The crimson-haired woman calmly pushed a black baby carriage decorated with
little skulls. From the visor hung a cheerful mobile of jack-o-lanterns and
ghosts. Millie hadn't the faintest idea what the device was for.
Lord knows she'd never even seen a baby.

Darkness fell much sooner than expected. With autumn heavy in the air, the
sun was setting earlier and earlier.
Millie took refuge by the skeleton man's house, lying in the shade of its
tall, spindly tower. With glazed eyes, she stared at the glowing windows.
Millie wanted so dearly to see the couple again.
Just to look at them from afar.
Suddenly an idea struck her.
Clutching a pebble, the rag-doll child hurled it at the window. She made sure
to throw lightly. The entire pane of glass could've been shattered.
Nobody came.
Millie tried again.
Frustration boiled in her skull. Why couldn't they hear her? She knew they
were in there.
Unable to bear the horrible buildup of anger, the girl let her booted foot
fly into the rod-iron fence.
Her kick left a sizable dent in the post.
"Hello? Someone there?"
Millie froze. Her mind screamed for her to run, but her feet stood still. The
man was coming. How would he react?
She didn't have long to think about it....
The narrow door opened with a creek and out stepped the skeleton man. For a
moment, neither said a word.
Both unable of what to make of each other.
"I don't think I've seen you around. Have you been in hiding?"
Burning with shyness, Millie shuffled nervously in place. She found herself
unable to look him in the eye socket.
"Where do you come from?", he asked again. "Are you lost?"
At last, Millie found her tongue.
The skeleton man understood.
"I'm Jack Skellington. I think you'd better come inside."

If Millie had been stimulated by the Halloween town, the strange man's house
was like setting off skyrockets in her head. Just like the lab, nothing
escaped her eager eyes. A smile melted on Jack's bony face. Millie looked a
hearty sixteen, but acted like a curious child.
Suddenly she let out a tiny shriek. Something was hovering around her feet,
"Down, Zero. What have I told you about jumping up on people!"
Millie's fear settled down. She couldn't help but smile as the little ghost
dog playfully licked her face.
"Sally, come here a moment. We've got company."
The red-haired lady stood in the corridor, holding a little bundle in her arms.
"Dr. Finklestine made you?", Sally asked . "I thought he was done making creations."
Millie could only nod. She was far too interested in the room's many strange objects.
"I guess in a way, that makes us sisters."
"Sisters?", Millie asked.
"Yes. Finklestine made me too."
The girl smiled warmly. For the first time she felt camaraderie. There was
some one else in this strange world who shared her peculiar condition.
But her attention quickly turned to the creature in Sally's arms.
"What's that?"
"Oh...this is Vincent. He's only a few months old. Just started crawling."
Millie's eyes went wide in amazement. Little Vincent looked just like his
father. He was already dressed for bed in jack-o-lantern sleepers.
In her short life, she never saw such a thing.
With great care, Sally lay the baby skeleton next to her newfound sibling.
Instantly tiny Vincent crawled towards the guest, gibbering happily.
His bony little hands reaching out for a touch.
Suddenly with a jump that would've made a flea glower in envy, Millie leapt
away from the baby. Her whole body shivering with apprehension.
"Vincent's not going to hurt you. He's just a baby."
But the girl wouldn't listen. She kept her distance from Vincent for the rest
of the night.
I'll put the baby to sleep." Sally said. "I think both of you will feel
better in the morning."

Sunrise in Halloween Town. Little Vincent was the first to awake, crying for
his mother.
"Is he okay?", Jack yawned.
"Yeah. He's just hungry. How's Millie?"
"Still sleeping", the skeleton man sighed. "Hasn't made a peep all morning."
He was right. The patchwork girl hadn't stirred since she first settled into
bed. Even when Jack opened the door to check on her, she barely flinched.
"Quite the heavy sleeper." He chuckled.
Almost dropping his shrunken - head coffee mug, Jack went to the kitchen
window. Dr. Finklestine was at the door. For a moment, he wondered how the
wheel chair - bound scientist could've managed the flight of stairs.
But then again, Finklestine was an inventor.
"Doctor!" Jack boomed. "What brings you here at this hour?"
"I'm looking for a creation. She goes by the name of Millie. She's been gone
for almost a day."
Skellington gingerly rubbed his chin.
"Black hair, red dress, a little on the short side?"
"Yes!" Finklestine exclaimed. "You've seen her!"
"Just ran past here a minute ago. Heading for the town square."
The withered old scientist grumbled under his breath.
"Watch out for that one, Jack. Millie can be dangerous. Especially when
frightened. Whatever you do, don't provoke her."