Jack's Bad Day

"Sallllyyyyy!!!!!!!!!", Jack called on a sweet and sour night, "Are you up there!!!"
A mysterious voice called back down, "She's being worked on! "It was Doctor Finkelstein, "Please come up my dear boy!"
Jack walked up the long tall stairs. "What happened to her now?"
"I don't know, I went for a walk came back home and Sally was taken apart."
"Who could have done this?", Jack said.
Then they heard a laugh of three children, two boys and one girl. It was Lock, Shock, and Barrel!
"Could they have done this? Why would any one do this?", said Doctor Finkelstein.
"I don't know", said Jack, "but I'm going find out who did."
"Can you find Sally's brain too? It's missing," said Doctor Finkelstein,
"Sure," hd said.
Lock, Shock, and Barrel were heading toward Oogie Boogie's lair on an elevator, they called to him and said, "Jacks coming!"
"Good," said Oogie, "Right into my trap!!!"
Jack jumped on the elevator they were riding in and said, "Your time is up!!!!!!!!" Then he tore it off the rope and jumped into the secret entrance the elevator led to.
"No he's not supposed to go through there!!!!", they cried.
He threw Lock, Shock, and Barrel into Oogie. Oogie fell into the hook fastened to the elevator. The elevator hook tore some threads on Oogie, but Jack couldn't reach Oogie in the elevator shaft. Then Jack had an idea, Zero!!!!!! Jack told Zero to pull the thread holding Oogie together. Zero did as he asked and it killed Ogee,
Jack went over to Lock, "Where is Sally's brain?", Jack said.
"Why should I tell you, Jack?", Lock said.
Jack then then made the scariest face ever and then... screamed!!
Lock then pointed to a vault. Jack kicked it open with his strong bony leg and got Sally's brain. Jack took it back to Dr. Finklestein's laboratory so Sally could be restored to her former beauty and intelligence.