Me: Okay, you asked and here we're back with moooore
Nightmare Before Xmas Bloopers! (Ouh, stop pinching me,
I'm going to talk about you) Now including the incredible
trio Lock, Sock (ouh!)err, Shock and Barrel! (you'll let
me go when I'll finish, won't you? It's a

Troubled Restart

The wind/ventilator blows the scarecrow away with plaque
and all.

When the camera focuses on the moon, instead Oogie's face
we see someone's little hands playing Chinese shadows_a
bat, a ghost, a jack-o-lantern, etc.
Barrel(mimmicking Oogie's shadow): I am the shadow of the
moon by night...uh-oh!(stops like he had seen something
and runs off)
Oogie Boogie's silhouette quickly enters the "moon"
running after Barrel and saying he'll teach him to not
steal his lines.

Mummy and Corpse Kid: In this town we call home/Everyone
hails to the Pumpkin song
Jack emerges from the fountain...dressing a purple clown
suit with white balls and a pink bat-bow. Everyone stares
in awed surprise, then burst into a laughter.
Jack (annoyed):It's not my fault. Someone's turned off
the light and traded the clothes when I was getting
Lock, Shock and Barrel (singing off-scene): Dress Jack
like a clown, lalalalala /Throw away his suit and
then/Turn off all the lights

Jack: I'm a Master of Fright/And a Demon of Light(does
the Karate Kid gestures on one foot)And I'll scare you
right out of your paaaaaants! (the spiral hill suddenly
stretches, making Jack loose balance. He falls and smacks
his head on a pumpkin)

Absent-mindedly, Jack heads to the St. Patrick tree.
Director: Jack! It's Xmas tree door!
Jack: Oh, sorry. (yawwn) I haven't slept much.

Jack(follows Elves disguised as a snowman): Everybody
seems so happy/Have I possibly gone daffy?(tripples and
falls over toy bear and Elves)
(suggested by a Fanfiction colleague)

The Mayor pushes Jack's doorbell. Instead screaming, it
plays Jingle Bells.
Mayor(giggles):How prophetic.

Mayor: Jack, please, I'm only an official elected, I
mean, an elected officer...oh boy (switches face and

When Mummy sounds the cat-alarm, its tail-crank gets
loosen and he falls aside.

A Bad Day for Creator and Creation

Sally: Luunch..ops! (tripples and spills hot soup over
the Dr. Finkelstein)
Dr(takes off his wheelchair like a rocket):AAAAAAAHHHHHH!
You're trying to kill me, you...!
Sally: I'm very sorry! Anyway, you're already dead!
Director: Is there a doctor_err, another doctor around?

Dr. Finkelstein: You poisoned me for the last time, you
wretched girl! (slams door on his fingers)Owww!!!(drops
ice bag and shakes hand.)
Sally laughs into her cell-bedroom.
Dr: Shut up!

The Dr's doorbell screams instead dingdonging.

Dr Finkelstein: Jack Skellington! Up here mY BOYYYYYY!
(looses brake of his weelchair)
The wheelchair out of control rolls down the ramp with
him, catches Jack on the run and wheels outdoors.
Jack and the
down the lab hill untill they smack on a wall) CRASH!
Jack(stunned):Did you get the number of that gargoyle?
Dr:Oooh...Someone above doesn't like me, a poor old man.
Me:(whistle innocently)

Sally quickly finishes resewing herself and stands. One
of her legs was sewed from backyards, so when she gives a
step the legs go each for one side. She crashes down.
Many people laugh.
Director: Sally, this gag was taken out!
Sally (taps her fingers annoyed): Now you're telling me.
The laughs increase.

The smoke of the bottle shapes like an arrow going
through a heart, instead the butterfly.
Sally (blushes off-scene): Ops! Wrong moisture.
Director: How subtile.
Jack: I like it.

Jack Skellington is not that dead

Jack (rummages into a box):That not my Xmas. My Xmas is
filled with laughter and joy and this:(shows a Playghoul
magazine)my Sandy Claws outfit.
Sally (looks off the undead pinup of the cover):
Err...what outfit?
Jack: Huh? Ops!(wides up eye sockets at the mistake)
He quickly hides the magazine with a most ashamed grin.
Sally can't stand and burst into laughing. Jack's skull
looks like a tomatoe.
Me: Easy, guys, you're showing up again. But please take
this scorpion off my head!

Kidnapp Sandy Claws?

Mayor:How horrible our Xmas will be !
Jack: No, it'll be joyful.
Mayor: Oh, how joyful it'll be.(ducks just in time to
avoid Lock's, Shock's and Barrel's pelts)
The kids shriek in frustration.
Mayor(shows them his tongue): Nananananaaa! Can't you
guys do better than this?
Bonk! A big ball of mud kicks him off his chair.
LSB: Yes we caaaan!

The bathtub refuses to walk. Lock, Shock and Barrel jump
out and start to push it, but the stubborn thing keeps
its feet stuck on the ground.
Shock: Err...someone there can lend us a hand? Crack's
not in a good mood today.

Lock, Shock, Barrel and their bathtub rush into the Town
Meeting Hall.
LSB: Jack, Jack we caught him, we caught him.
Jack: Perfect! Open it up. Quickly!
The sack opens to reveal Santa Claus.
Jack: That's not...Sandy Claws?!
Barrel:You wanted him, didn't you?
Jack: But not now! Didn't you read the script? You should
had brought the Easter Bunny.
Santa Claus: I told them, but they didn't listen.(no one
pays him attention)
Shock: So why did you tell us bring the old man?
Jack: Cause I was supposed to! Here.(opens script)See? I
tell you kidnap Sandy Claws, but you'll get Easter Bunny
mistakenly; so I'll scold you, you'll take the Bunny
back, and _ONLY THEN_ you'll bring Sandy Claws. Got it?
Lock: But if we're supposed to bring the ugly bunny at
first, why you'll scold us?
Director: Because you caught the wrong guy, stupid!
Lock: But we didn't! We caught the right guy(pinches
Santa's nose), not the Bunny, so Jack should get content,
instead he's lecturing us because we didn't get the
Bunny. Who's stupid now?
Jack, Santa and Director:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH!!!!!

Anyway, the gang of three bring Easter Bunny "mistakenly".
Barrel: We went through the door...
Jack: Which door? There's more than one. Sandy Claws is
behind the door shaped like this.(shows Mickey faced
cookie) Ops, wrong cookie. (gets another one) Sandy Claws
is behind the door shaped like this... (shows spider
The trio cackles while Jack stares disapointed at the
cookie. He looks in vain for a tree-shaped one.
Barrel(singsonging): I told ya! I told ya I wasn't the
dumb one!
Mayor: Uh-oh...they weren't to be eaten? (burp!)


Helena Stumpf Morelli (Silver Lady)