The Greatest Halloween

Twas the night of Halloween and not even a ghoul was out of place. All of the citizens of Halloweentown were in the little square awaiting the great Halloween scare. Jack, as many know, has a great plan for this grand scare.

The little Halloween children cried out "There's Jack!".

Then came the great ol' chap all dressed for his frightening act. Upon his black nightmare steed he rode into the town. Everyone noticed that Jack had no head! Twas Sally's idea to have Jack be the head-less horsemen.

Jack had the nightmare steed go into a canter. Then Jack launched himself into the slimy green ooze that was in the towns fountian. All of the townspeople gathered around the fountain, then with great volume Jack jumped out and screamed "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"

All of the people jumped and turned to Jack to congratulate him on his performance to see that he hadn't been alone on the nightmare steed. Sally was sitting side-sattle, dressed in a black lace dress. She slid from the nightmare steed into Jack's arms.

"Grand Job Jack and Sally!" yelled the mayor.

"Thank you, it was our job to make a Halloween rememberable." Said Jack. Sally looked at Jack and kissed him right on his skeletal mouth. "I love you Jack!" Said Sally.

"I love you too!" Jack said stroking Sally's red hair. So Halloween that year was to be remembered as the love showing between Jack and Sally.

Jessica M.