Unicorns, hiding from our tragic reality to wander in sun-lit fields of illusions, are not forgotten because of one thing: sightings. But unicorns know whose eyes fall on their perfect frames, and either disappears before the onlooker realizes, or stays to grace the onlooker with their image. Unicorns can tell what purpose you follow, whether it be good or evil. They have a sixth sense which can read your very heart. This is a power which was gained after they were thrown into hiding by near-extinction which was caused buy none other than human hands.

    Unicorns are also know to visit your dreams to search for willing hearts, like keeping a vote of who believes in them, and who does not. Unicorns are beings who only know mercy and love, very much so like the Almighty God, Himself. Upon finding a non-believer, they simply shake their majestic heads in pity and move on with their tiresome, courious search. But, upon finding a believer, they smile down on their sleeping figure and bless them, bathing the person with light and magick by way of their mystical horn. This mircle might save a dreamer's life, or erase all their troubles.

    Unicorns want to forgive humanity for its cruelty and ignorance, but can only do so if we are willing. Look inside, think deeply, and decide if you too are someone whom a Unicorn would smile upon.