The Maidens Lament
The maiden wandered sadly and forlorn
From everyone she loved so cruelly torn,
For she had betrayed noble unicorn.
Now she regretted the day she'd been born.

His horn was sought for many a year
For the magic that made poisons clear.
For her part she shed many a bitter tear.
Only innocence had made him draw near.

The hunters found him in that leafy wood
Where next to the maiden he tamely stood
Gently nibbling at her hair and hood.
They destroyed with their arrows all that's good.

People everywhere held her to blame.
They reviled her and mocked her sacred name,
But she did not deserve this evil fame.
Men had betrayed her to achieve their aim.

Lair 2000

Unicorn Legends
Make up a story, tell me a tale,
Pictures and rhyme, silly or sublime.
Imagination is always the key.
Pictures and words in harmony.

Fables or fantasy, medieval fun,
Write it all down, don't stop 'til your done.
Heroes and villians are part of the cast,
Write a good tale and it surely will last.

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Send Your Story

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