Creationís Child

The ancient Gods were gathered to witness at a birth
And they gazed in awe and wonder as the Lord created Earth;
A place of lush green forest, mighty mountain, rolling sea,
Where man and beast share Nature, in perfect harmony.

The Gods bowed low before their King, in reverent supplication;
And offered up a precious gift, to crown his new creation.
Justice, Hope, and Purity, wrought in a Golden Horn.
They placed it on his noble brow, and called him Unicorn.

Shining light of Innocence, to guide manís infancy.
And teach him how to give his world, respect and dignity.
But man became deceitful, and Paradise was lost;
The Unicorn, with heavy heart, sought audience with his Gods.

He asked forbearance for Mankind, and pledgad his Loyalty;
And in the realm twixt sleep and dream, he searches constantly
For signs of manís return to Grace, so he may tread once more;
Content on Earthís crisp pastureÖ..the gentle Unicorn.