Dear Mother

Dear Mother, You will see hoofprints in the yard
On the day that I shall leave for that land so very far.

And Mother, Don't worry for it won't be long
In fact, I don't think that you will notice when I'm gone.

Dear Mother, You will wonder as I gallop away
That maybe it is destiny, that things should be this way.

And Mother, You will know on the day I go
That I will return very soon, as time reclaims itself like snow.

Dear Mother, Careful be, though I know you'll learn
That I am still very close, no matter how the road may turn.

And Mother, You will feel a presence by your side
As the sky opens up to me, to take me into its golden light.

Dear Mother, You will see hoofprints in the glen
on the day I ride away, because I am one of them.