The Unicorn walked through the dark wood,
As dawn lit the trees as it should.
But the Unicorn gave off her own light,
The pretty, white shimmer of beauties might.
She knew what to do when I hunter drew near,
She'd run swift and sure away from her fear.
But if confronted by a pure maid,
Her lap the Unicorns head would be laid.
The Unicorn's mane shimmering, her coat sparkling,
Her eyes twinkling and her horn like the crown of an elfish king.
The Unicorns name, I do not know,
But I can tell she has no foe.
She just has a fear, sharp and precise,
Men, to her, are definitely not nice.

Then, in front of her, a wizard appears,
And the Unicorn is sure of her undying fears.
She tries to run, she tries to hide,
But the man seems to always be by her side.
"Fair Unicorn, what a prize you are," he said with greed,
"I will do this, even though you can't plead.
Plead for your life, for your own horn and hooves,
Say 'Hello', Unicorn, to your new body." BOOM!
The man was gone, and the Unicorn content.
She thought of going to a river to vent.

When she walked through the forest, the animals stared, "What happened to you?"
The Unicorn did not bother to reply, she was fine, and that was not new.
But when the Unicorn looked in the lake she cried tears of sorrow,
She didn't dare to wonder what woman's body she had borrowed.

And that she was, The Unicorn Maid.
She no longer can trust, but the Wizard has paid.

Marni Nancekivell