Diagon Alley
wizard coloring and puzzle

Magical Stores

In Diagon Alley In London Town,
There Many Magical Stores Can Be Found.
Gringotts, The Wizarding Bank's In The Row.
Goblins Store Money In Vaults Down Below.
Ollivander's Wands For A Thousand Years.
The Wand, It Chooses You So Have No Fears.
Madame Malkin Has Robes Of Every Hue.
The Apothocary Has Flying Floo.
The Menagerie Has Pets Of Any Kind,
While Flourish and Blotts Have Books For The Mind.
But At Quidditch Supplies Everyone Stares
At The Wonderful Firebolt That They Have There.


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Visit The Shops

Magical Menageries
Madame Malkins
Flourish & Blatts
Quality Quidditch Supplies

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