The following rules were set down by the Department of Magical Games and Sports upon its formation in 175O: 

1. Though there is no limit imposed on the- height to which a player may rise during the game, he or she must not stray over the boundary lines of the pitch. Should a player fly over the boundary, his or her team must surrender the Quaffle to the opposing team. 

2. The Captain of a team may call for "time out" by signalling to the referee.  This is the only time players' feet

are allowed to touch the the ground during a match. Tune out may be extended to a two - hour period if a game has lasted more than twelve hours. Failure to return to the pitch after two hours leads to the team's disqualification. 

3. The referee may award penalties against a team. The Chaser taking the penalty will fly from the central circle towards the scoring area. All players other than the opposing Keeper must keep well back while the penalty is taken. 

4. The Quaffle may be taken from another player's grasp but under no circumstances must one player seize hold of any part of another player's anatomy. 

5. In the case of injury, no substitution of players will take place. The team will play on without the injured player. 

6. Wands may be taken on to the pitch but must under no circumstances whatsoever be used against opposing team members, any opposing team member's broom, the referee, any of the balls, or any member of the crowd. 

This Information Came From 
Quidditch Through The Ages
by Kenniworthy Whisp