Seamus Finnigan


        Seamus Finnigan, half blood, is a fellow Gryffindor of Harry’s and is in Harry’s year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Seamus’ mother is a pureblood and his father is a muggle. Oddly enough, Seamus’ mother didn’t tell his father that she was a witch until after she married him. “‘I’m half and half,’ said Seamus. ‘Me dad’s a muggle. Mom didn’t tell him she was a witch ’til after they were married. Bit of a nasty shock for him.’”(HP&SS) This fact raises questions that are unanswered in the Harry Potter series. Why didn’t she tell him? Was she afraid that he would abandon her in he knew? Did she think that the fact that she was a witch didn’t matter? If so, why?

        When Seamus first arrived at Hogwarts, the sorting hat was placed on his head. For Seamus, the hat took a little time to decide which house to place him in. There are many reason for this, I think. First of all, in book five (OP), Seamus and Harry have a shouting match in the dormitory after the welcoming feast. This shows that he is disloyal to Harry and by being disloyal to Harry, he is also disloyal to Gryffindor. also, in book six, (HBP) when his best friend, Dean, is chosen as the substitute chaser while Katie Bell was in Saint Mungos Hospital, Seamus silks and isn’t happy for Dean. Evidence also shows that Dean had outflown Seamus at Chaser tryout and that is why Seamus isn’t happy when Dean is chosen as substitute instead of himself. "‘Are you still interested in playing Chaser?’ ‘Wha--? Yeah, of course!’ said Dean exitedly. Over Dean’s shoulder, Harry saw Seamus slamming his books into his bag, looking sour. One of the reasons Harry would have preferred not to ask Dean to play was that he knew Seamus would not like it. On the other hand, he had to do what was best for the team, and Dean had outflown Seamus at the tryouts.”(HP&HBP)

        Seamus’ mother didn’t want Seamus to return to Hogwants for their fifth year, because of what the Daily Prophet was writing. The Daily Prophet was building off of the foundations that were set the previous year by Rita Skeeter. The Prophet was telling the world that Harry and Dumbledore were loosing their marbles and that they both remained highly dangerous. In Harry Potter book six (HBP), Seamus and his mother had a shouting match in the entrance hall the day after Dumbledore died. Seamus wanted to stay for the funeral and then depart with everyone else. His mother on the other hand, wanted to escort Seamus out of Hogwarts immediately. Seamus won, and his mother went into Hogsmeand to try and find a place to stay the night. This was difficult, because so many people who wanted to pay their respects to Dumbledore the following morning. “ ‘Seamus Finnigan, on the other hand, refused point-blank to accompany his mother home; they had a shouting match in the entrance hall that resolved when she agreed that he could remain behind for the funeral. She had difficulty in finding a bed in Hogsmead, Seamus told Harry and Ron, for witches and wizards were pouring into the village, preparing to pay their last respects to Dumbledore.” (HP&HBP)

With great appreciation for this biography written and submittred by Lora McManus