Hufflepuff House 

Hufflepuff House was founded by and named after Helga Hufflepuff.
She was one of the four greatest wizards of her time.  She came up from
the valley to build Hogwarts Castle and to start a school for young witches and
wizards to learn how to use their powers so they wouldn't alarm the muggles.

You belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid to toil.

House Symbol
The  badger was probably chosen for its willingness to work hard.  The badger is an excellent digging machine. Its powerfully built forelimbs allow it to tunnel rapidly through the soil and through harder substances as well. 
 House Banner
 The House Banner
The House Banner of the house winning the house cup is hung in the great hall until the following awarding of the house cup.
 Head Of House
 Professor Sprout
Professor Sprout is the the head of Hufflepuff House.  She teaches herbology classes in the greenhouses.  She is an older lady who doesn't think her appearance is as important as her plants. She often wears patched clothes and has dirt under her fingernails.
 House Ghost
The Fat Friar
The Friar when alive was a member of Hufflepuff.  He still supports hufflepuff as a ghost.  He is jolly, polite, convivial, well wishing, and forgiving.  He even wants to give Peeves another chance.
The house colours and the quidditch robes of Hufflepuff are yellow and black, The late Cedric Diggory was both the captain and the seeker of the Hufflepuff team.  It is not known who was chosen to replace him after his murder by Wormtail on Voldemort's command.


Members of Hufflepuff House.
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