head> Harry Potter's World, a poem by Lyndal Donaldson in Harry Potter at Lair2000

Harry Potter's World

Potter’s a wizard, Harry’s his name
Surviving Lord Voldemort gave him his fame
He’s brave as a lion, and quiddich’s his game

He flew in a car with his friend Ron
When caught by the tree, Ron broke his wand

They hang with Hermione, she’s clever and bright
But after drinking polyjuice, her face gave a fright

Harry’s owl Hedwig is white as the snow
She delivers the mail when Harry says “go”

Scabbers the rat wouldn’t go yellow
He’s afraid of a cat, but he’s really a fellow

Lockhart charms all the girls in the class
But really he’s a sneaky snake in the grass

Lord Voldemort’s evil, at his name all cower
He wants to destroy Harry and regain his power

Dumbledore’s so wise, he’s been at Hogwarts for ages
He protects Harry through his life stages

Fawkes is a phoenix, with healing in his tears
He burns and regenerates, so he’ll be with us for years

Hagrid’s a giant who collects for a pet
Strange creatures like the dragon he name Norbert

Potter loves Hogwarts and life with his friends
I could tell you more but this is the end.

Lyndal Donaldson.