All over the world people are howling
About those great books by J. K. Rowling
Three little books that appeal to all ages
One learns about enchantments and spells in these pages
And a young boy who is quite ordinary in appearance 
Who discovers he's a wizard with powers quite immense
To learn to control them he goes to Hogwarts School
And becomes a member of Griffindor, the house that's really cool
But its not all work, there's also time for fun
A great game called Quidditch which has to be won
With broom that fly and a cloak that makes him disappear
We know this young wizard will enjoy his year
But it's more than one year - it's going to be Seven!
For the lovers of fantasy that sounds like heaven!
If you haven't yet read about Harry Potter
Well, you really ought 'ter!

By Paula Grewar
Librarian - Nan Boothby Library


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