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The Death Of Dumbledore
Taken from the memoirs of Harry James Potter

Horcrux hunt with Dumbledore
Heirlooms of the Hogwarts four
Voldemort concealed his soul
Finding them is now our goal
Travelled to a darkened cave
Battled the Inferi slaves
Potion drink for Dumbledore
Made him sink onto the floor
Still he made a ring of fire
Lit the cave up like a pyre
Got him back to Hogsmeade weak
Met Rosmerta who did freak
Dark Mark floating in the sky
Knew that we would have to fly
Landed on the tower floor
Then someone came through the door
Underneath my father's cloak
Saw a sight that made me choke
Watched his wand fly from his hand
Found it hard to understand
How I could be frozen still
Malfoy closing for the kill
Then I realised the truth
Horror building at the proof
Dumbledore had sacrificed
Everything to save my life
Leaning back against the wall
I just couldn't move at all
Forced to watch as they converse
Cannot speak to use a curse
Watched as Malfoy lost his nerve
Craving glory not deserved
Then as Snape entered the fold
Used a spell and made him cold
Impossible to think or breathe
Though movement had returned to me
I found I just could not believe
The greatest of them all could leave
I watched his body rise and fall
The most fantastic of them all
I watched him vanish from my sight
And then my blood was set alight
With years of hatred boiling then
I ran for Snape to stop him when
The Werewolf Greyback leapt on me
My eyes too full of tears to see
I paralysed him with a spell
I burned with rage and had to yell
I ran right after Snape until
I felt that burning need to kill
I battled with that coward hard
But every curse I used was barred
He flicked his wand with practiced ease
More powerful than I believed
And finally he did escape
To put the icing on my hate

I swear that I will find him soon
And when I do he'll meet his doom
I'll find the horcruxes as well
And I'll send Voldemort to hell
I'll battle him and make him burn
So that he never can return
I swear to do all this and more
And do it all for Dumbledore

John O'Halloran