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The Lost Marauder

Written by Peter Pettigrew during his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Published by Weasley Wizard Wheezes Publishing Ltd as part of "The True Story of Harry Potter and The Rise and Fall of Lord Voldemort"
Edited by Hermione Weasley, Editor-in-chief of the Daily Prophet.

I'm stuck on the edge of the strong and the weak
And nobody listens to me when I speak
My friends sympathetic throw pity at me
With no real respect for the man I could be
But there is so much more to me than they see
As we run around the grounds lunar monthly
I long to be padfoot
I long to be prongs
I'd even take Moony
At least he is strong
Sometimes I reflect on what life holds in store
I wonder if I will achieve any more
Than being the lesser of talented friends
Who in years will say "Hey, who was that again?"
I wish I could somehow emerge from my shell
I feel I am trapped in an Azkaban cell
I'm sick of existence resembling hell
But there is nobody I know I can tell
One day I will be who I know I can be
And then they will listen
My God they will see
That they should have taken the time once or twice
To offer me comfort, friendship and advice
Or maybe they will do before it's too late
Perhaps they can save me from all of this hate
There is not a thing I would not do for them
They are the Marauders and I am their friend

Editors Note:
History would later record that Peter Pettigrew entered into the service of Lord Voldemort. He betrayed the location of Lily and James Potter (Prongs) and their son Harry to the Dark Lord. Sirius Black (Padfoot) was subsequently framed and convicted for Pettigrew's murder when he faked his own death to go into hiding. After 12 years in hiding Pettigrew returned to the dark lord's service and was instrumental in his resurrection. During the final battle between Voldemort and Harry Potter it is believed that Pettigrew returned to the side of good. Overcome with grief at the sudden realisation of the crimes he had committed, Pettigrew tried to disarm the dark lord so that Potter could strike. Voldemort, sensing the change in his servant through Legilimency, blew Pettigrew into atoms before he could raise his wand. Rumours that a small grey rat was seen fleeing the scene have neve been proven.

John O'Halloran