Sirius Black

A handsome man with long black hair 
the life he lived was quite unfair. 
His family's rules he did not obey 
he decided he needed to get away. 
he stood with a friend the best one he had 
James was his name he would soon be a dad. 
a godfather Sirius was to be made 
he had no idea that he would soon be betrayed. 
his godson's father his best friend put to death 
James tried to save his son until he took his finale breath. 
Lily the boy's mother had also been killed 
her son still alive Cuz the blood she had spilled. 
The dark lord voldemort had gone to hide 
he could not kill Harry this was told worldwide. 
a few people were killed Sirius was framed 
by a very old friend wormtail he was named. 
Locked in prison twelve years he had lost 
he did not a crime but still paid the cost. 
Loyal noble trustworthy was he 
all he wanted was to be free. 
Than one day he was saved by a boy 
his godson Harry he had given him some joy. 
Although not in prison he still wasn't free 
he still had to hide from the ministry. 
He was forced to stay where he hated the most 
his old home which he found rather gross. 
He was told by Dumbledore never to leave 
to hear this news caused him to grieve. 
He wanted to help to play a part 
to sit and do nothing was breaking his heart. 
Harry had dreamt Sirius was hurt 
he went to save him although not alert. 
Sirius was fine until he heard about Harry 
the thought of him dying was really quite scary. 
He had no choice he went to go help 
the feeling he had he tried not to yelp. 
He was finally free and ready to fight 
little did he know this would be his last night. 
dueling the death eaters he fought another black 
he had a smile on his face until he fell back. 
falling in slow motion he knew that he would fail 
Harry watched his godfather as he vanished through the veil. 
The last words of Sirius "come on, you could do better than that" 
had dissolved in the silence of his fateful combat. 
Harry stood staring where Sirius once stood 
he than looked at the women who was wearing a black hood. 
She killed Sirius she must now pay 
Harry heard a voice telling him he was to stay. 
He did not listen he felt so much hate 
he had lost the only person which he could relate. 
Sirius he was the brightest star in the sky 
the thought of his death made Harry want to cry. 
Harry tried to find a way 
to see padfoot for just one day. 
All his ideas seemed to die 
he tried to use the mirror but he gotten no reply. 
We all dread the Death of Sirius Black 
Hoping that some how he'll find his way back. 
Where did he go and did he really die? 
I for one am going to deny. 




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