Professor Pomona Sprout

 Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts
Head of Huffenpuff House



Professor Pomona Sprout:


Professor Sprout is a small, earthy witch
Dumpy and plump looking
Flyaway graying hair
Brown eyes 

Her Name Sprout means to germinate ior to grow a young plant from a seed.  Her first name is from Pomona, the Roman Goddess of  fruit trees.  Her Hobby is gardening and she obviously is deeply involved and loves her work.  She has dirt on her clothes and under her fingernails.  She wears a patched hat and seems to have little care for her appearance.

She deals in a lot of unusual and dangerous plants, cultivating the schools plants needed for medicine, treatments, potent making and protection. There is a greenhouse attatched to the school where she grows needed plants and gives instruction to the students of Hogwarts.  Herbology is an area where Neville Longbottom has a special interest and he seems to do well in his studies.  Professor Sprout gave neville a book which aided Harry when doing the tri-wizard championship

She provided the Devil's Snare, a plant that tightens around you when you try to free yourself, to guard the Philospher's Stone.  She taught the students how to repot Mandrakes so they could be used to make a potion to cure the students and others  who had been pertified when the Chamber Of Secrets was opened.  Adult Mandrakes can kill when they scream so the class had repotted immature species while wearing protective earmuffs.  She also taught the students about pus-squirting bubotubors.