Pegasus: The Mythical Winged Horses. Fact or just Fantasy Entertainment?

Welcome to a a place with mythical winged horses. Find information about the the pegasus creatures in this article and guide to the best pegasus related entertainment.

Winged horse is mentioned in stories from greek myths and greek gods.


Pegasus folklore and stories from around the world

Different things come to the mind when we think about the word "Fantasy", most of us would think about that we dream and we often connect fantasizing with daydreaming and such elements of our lives. Many will start thinking about fantasy in reference to the fantasy genre in novels, video games, and movies, where dragons fly and gods fight each other, riding on the Pegasus and bolts of lightning. It is also probable that some start thinking about what they want to do the most, or what is something that they just really like, which would give them absolute satisfaction if something like that happens.

These thoughts are completely natural to come to the mind when we think about the word, as these are the thought processes that we usually go through when somebody mentions fantasy. If we think about all of these thoughts, then there are many things that are connected and are in common. First, it is common that all of these things are related to actions or things that either do not exist in real life as of now or have a negligible probability of happening.

Second, it is expected that all these actions and happenings are beneficial for us, or you can say that they are benevolent and make us happy. Just imagine common fantasy elements, like the Pegasus, dragons, Santa Claus. All of them represent goodness and hope, and these elements are totally pure in their true sense, which makes them sound unreal. The actual definition of the word "fantasy" is imagining improbable or impossible things, and it is directly related to most things we think about someone mentions this word.

So, as it turns out, most of us clearly understand what fantasy is and what it is about. You will see that fantasy in a general sense is often connected with the folklore of different groups and popular culture. This is simple to understand, as we read above that fantasy is directly connected with unreal things, and most of the folklore and cultural elements are based on things that are related to unnatural or dreamy events.

A direct relationship between the two appears. These days, the fantasy genre is gaining a lot of popularity, which is because it gives us the freedom to enjoy fantasy in the best manner, and it works as an escape to a better scenario of things that normally looks impossible (we read that fantasy is mostly associated with good and beneficial things). In terms of entertainment, the fantasy genre is full of mythological and cultural elements like dragons, mermaids, and the Pegasus. It is because these things themselves feel impossible, and the scenarios that are usually set with them also feel unreal.

Different cultural and folklore elements we enjoy, like festivals, rituals, and certain superstitions, are related to things that we are not going to face or experience in our actual life, and this gives a certain thrill to the human mind. Fantasy creations use this similar concept, as most fantasy elements are the things that are impossible or near to impossible. They often get connected with and are inspired by popular culture and folklore.

For example, dragons are fantasy creatures that you will find in many fantasy entertainment forms, and dragons are an important part of several eastern and western countries' cultures. Like this, Pegasus is another important element that you will find in different cultures. The Pegasus is also an important part of the fantasy universe in books, games, cinematic representations, and legends. In this article, we will read more about Pegasus, the winged horse. You will understand what it is and how is it related to our culture, our general thinking, and entertainment.

Pegasus Explained

What is a Pegasus? Story of the winged horse

The word Pegasus sounds very heavy, strong, and powerful, and it should so as Pegasus is a mythical creature. Pegasus is a divine winged horse that originates from Greek mythology. Pegasus is one of the most popular and easily recognizable creatures from Greek mythology. It is an immortal winged horse, who is one of the two children of Medusa and Poseidon. The looks of Pegasus are strong and masculine.

Usually, he is depicted in shiny white colour, with a fluffy white tail and two large wings on both his sides. Just like other popular characters in Greek mythology, Pegasus' gender is also clear and known, and he is male.

There is only one character like Pegasus in all of Greek mythology and probably in all popular cultures. So, the next time you see a winged horse flying gloriously in the sky (not in reality, of course), don't waste too much time thinking about it, as it would surely be the Pegasus.

The origin of Pegasus is very famous and well-known. The myth says that Pegasus sprang into life with brother Chrysaor when Perseus beheaded her mother Gorgon Medusa when she was pregnant with him. We don't know where he was born, but it must be somewhere in Greece. Then, Pegasus ran wild into the world for some time but was later caught by the Greek hero Bellerophon, who always wanted to own Pegasus.

He caught Pegasus near the Peirene fountain with the help of Athena and Poseidon, and he did that when he found Pegasus drinking water from that fountain. Pegasus was caught by him, but he allowed Bellerophon to ride him, and both of them defeated the evil Chimera. They then went on to several adventures and feats, and finally, they separated. What happened was that he was trying to ride to heaven on Pegasus, but he got unseated and fell off.

The popular myth states that Bellerophon was trying to reach Olympus, where it was known that deities resided and was considered heaven. Then Pegasus was eventually caught by Zeus, who stabled Pegasus and turned him into a constellation. He became a loyal servant of Zeus. Pegasus was liked by Zeus, and he drew the chariot of Zeus' lightning. One of the most popular questions in the entire Greek mythology is about the character of Pegasus, whether he was good or bad?

The answer to this question is actually a little complicated. The thing with Pegasus is that it is merely a horse, we can't ignore the fact that he is a powerful mythological creature who can fly and do marvellous things, but in the end, it is a horse. So, it can't be directly stated that Pegasus is good or bad.

Just consider Pegasus like real visible horses. You can't really label the character of a horse right, and it all depends on who is riding the horse. This, too, wouldn't be a perfect way to comment on the character of Pegasus, but it is the most accurate assumption we can get.

So, as Zeus is popularly considered a good God, it would be safe to comment that Pegasus too is overall a good character in Greece mythology. A lot of people mistake the Pegasus with the magical unicorn.

Pegasus myths

The flying horse Pegasus and Greek Mythology

Pegasus and Greek mythology are totally and directly connected. All the information we have on this marvellous horse is from Greece mythological sources, so both of them are very much related. Greek mythology is one of the most interesting pieces of literature that ever existed, thanks to the amazing music characters and gods in it.

One such awe-inspiring character is Pegasus. When you talk about Pegasus, you can't do it without mentioning the other great Greek gods and mythological characters associated with him. The myth says that Pegasus is the son of Poseidon and Medusa.

Pegasus was born when Perseus beheaded her mother, Medusa. Pegasus' brother is the golden sworded Chrysaor, who too is a prominent mythological figure, but the winged horse is more famous than his brother Chrysaor. It is said that eventually, Zeus captured the winged horse after some time he spent with Bellerophon.

Zeus stabled Pegasus, who was actually a notorious and wild horse, and Pegasus faithfully served Zeus, who assigned him the work of pulling his chariot of lightning. It is said that Bellerophon took Athena's help to catch Pegasus.

All this may sound complicated, but it is just the way Greek myths are - Just look at their old stories about centaurs.

Riding Pegasus in stories and the tie to god Poseidon. The winged stallion.

Unicorn vs Pegasus

Unicorns and a flying Pegasus horse differences

Whenever a discussion about mythological animals begins, in most of the cases, it most probably includes the mentioning of either the Pegasus or the Unicorn, if not both. Both of these mythical creatures are some of the most well known and popular figures in the mythological world. THey are also often mentioned in old stories about wizards.Many people think that both of these are the same, which is because there are many similarities between the looks of the two animals, but there is a huge difference, and they are completely different.

If you are a true mythology fan, then you definitely need to understand how both of them are different from each other. Other popular mythic animals are winged horses with a horn, which are known as winged unicorns. The biggest difference between the two is that Pegasus is the name of an individual. It is the name of the particular horse Pegasus which charioted Zeus' bolts of lightning and who was then given a constellation as a reward.

On the other hand, a unicorn isn't somebody's name, and it is a general term that is used to describe a horselike creature that has a single spiral-shaped horn on its forehead. Now let's talk about the visible difference between these two infamous mythical horses, which is their physical attributes. Both the Pegasus and a Unicorn look mostly like normal horses, and there aren't any minute differences and marks that make them unique, and the only difference between the two are the wings and the horn.

The Pegasus has a beautiful set of wings that help it in flying, and a unicorn is identifiable by the beautiful spiral horn located on its forehead. It is rather astonishing that these creatures look identical to normal horses except for their one unique feature. However, not all winged horses are Pegasus, and it should be clarified. As the Pegasus and unicorns are mythical creatures, they have some supernatural powers and abilities that make them special.

The Pegasus can be termed as a very powerful horse that is best suited for strength work and fighting, which is the reason why Bellerophon used it to defeat his many enemies, which he couldn't defeat without gaining the advantage of Pegasus's abilities. Pegasus is known to possess miraculous speed and agility, along with great strength, which made Bellerophon know about him and made him want Pegasus so badly.

The Unicorn, which too is a strong horse, is more known for its magical healing properties, thanks to its miraculous horn. The nature of these two horses is also different, unicorns are known to be shy, and they like peaceful and solo time, as they are known as the symbols of purity. The Pegasus is not shy like a unicorn, he is very notorious, and he is considered to be a very wild animal.

It is also a myth that Pegasus has a magical hoof, creating springs when it strikes the earth.

Pegasus Entertainment

Pegasus Books and Movies about the mythical creature

Everything good in this world eventually gets transformed and represented into a form to entertain people, which is very common to see in different forms of entertainment. And what would be better to represent entertainingly than a mythical horse with wings that let him fly and defeat monstrous devils and complete impossible-looking feats like flying to heaven? Thus, this sky flying winged horse is the inspiration and the main character in many different movies and books, many of which are blockbuster hits and bestsellers. Talking about films and TV Shows, you just can't really count in how many titles this thunder carrying horse hero Pegasus is seen or mentioned.

However, we have made a list of the films which it notably influenced. Disney has been one of the best cinematic producers of all time, and you will find a lot of Greek-inspired films by it, including numerous Pegasus movies. Some of the most-watched Disney titles, Hercules and Fantasia, are strongly inspired by Pegasus, and the winged horse played a huge role in these cinematic pieces.

The blockbuster titles Clash of the Titans and its popular remake is another set of famous titles which feature Pegasus. In Clash of the Titans, Perseus leads a deadly campaign to defeat Hades before he is able to seize Zeus' power. The comedy titles Johnny English and its sequels Johnny English Reborn and Johnny English Strikes Again also mention Pegasus several times.

The cinematic legend Marvel Studios, which is definitely the favourite of many, also has acknowledged the popularity of Pegasus by featuring it in the famous picture Thor: Ragnarok, where we can see Valkyrie riding him. Pegasus also played a part in the jungle-themed movie Jumanji the Next Level, but in that movie, it is called Cyclone.

Books are also popular entertainment forms that have featured Pegasus several times and often in stories where you can also meet sea creatures like mermaids. Anne McCaffrey has written a series of different books on Pegasus, including To Ride Pegasus, Pegasus in Flight, and Pegasus in Space. It is the main hero in the book "Pegasus" by Kate O'Hearn, along with getting multiple mentions in the adventure books Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series.

Stories says the flying horse Pegasus more than once fought a fire breathing monster.

Pegasus Games

Fantasy entertainment and games about Pegasus

Many video game developers and production studios also include the Pegasus in their titles to add a good punch and exciting flavour to them. It would be unnatural for the video game creators not to make games on Pegasus as it is a very popular and interesting element of the Greek myths and popular mythological culture.

Greek gods fought with each other to get control of Pegasus, and now characters fight in video games to get this flying beast. You will get a lot of video games titles if you try to find a game that lets you fly the Pegasus. Some of the best games are mentioned below:

  • God Of War 2 - One of the most common video game titles that will come to your minder after hearing the word Pegasus is this record-breaking video game title. This winged horse is indeed a very powerful and capable animal, and gods and heroes aspire to ride it. Not many have captured the power and speed of this lightning-fast horse, but you surely do that while crossing long distances and oceans in God Of War 2.
  • Heracles: Battles With The Gods - Just like the bright stars in a constellation, the Pegasus has never stayed confined anywhere, and hell breaks loose when somebody tries to overpower it or capture it without its assent or permission. You will witness this firsthand in the Nintendo DS classic game Heracles: Battles With The Gods, where Poseidon is defeated, and Pegasus is reunited to its true master.
  • Age Of Mythology - As Pegasus is a mighty and strong figure in the popular ancient Greek culture, it is severally used for purposes of fighting and defeating others. Bellerophon used Pegasus several times to defeat different gods and goddesses, especially Chimera, and it is also portrayed as the ultimate figure representing thunder, lightning power, and Zeus' strength. You also get to increase your strength and dominance with its help in the strategy game Age of Mythology.
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 - The name Pegasus holds great significance in this fantasy gaming title where it helps the main protagonist of the game to defeat the evil villain. Many other fantasy elements like fire breathing creatures and a sea monster are also there in this popular title, along with Pegasus, which makes it the perfect choice for any fantasy lover.
  • Divine Fortune Megaways - Nobody can deny the influence Pegasus has on the Greek Mythic stories and legends. It adds more mystery and excitement to this already amazing fantasy universe. In Divine Fortune Megaways, Pegasus gets its deserved honour as it acts as the main symbol in this game. It shows how much the Pegasus is revered in greek culture and how different game developers portray this in their products.
  • In these fantasy games you also often meet magical creatures like the fairies.

    Winged Horse Pegasus

    New stories and lore about the Pegasus

    It is not in just ancient Greek stories and fables where you get to experience the mightiness and glory of Pegasus. Many real-world things and places on this earth are there, which represent how influential it is, not only in Greece's culture but in general as well. Not many stories are there about Pegasus' father, god Poseidon, and mother, goddess Medusa, but there are many other popular beliefs.

    It is one of the most popular myths that sacred springs or a natural fountain emerged at the places where Pegasus struck his hoof on the earth. It is believed that Pegasus struck his hoof near Mount Helicon, and it created the famous horse spring there. In Troezen as well, it is said that he struck Pegasus' hoof on earth, as it also has one of the sacred springs. Mount Helicon spring is considered the most famous of all its hoof creations in the myths on earth. The Pegasus birth is another popular event in the Greek myth world, including Greek gods Poseidon and goddess Medusa.

    The myths say that thunders struck in the sky when god Perseus beheaded the goddess Medusa, and the thunder-carrying horse emerged from the severed neck. Pegasus straightly flew into the sky and started his great legacy of popular myths, ending with him becoming a constellation in the sky. Pegasus has become so popular and known in the mythical culture that it has created and influenced other myth-inspired objects and elements. Like Mount Olympus, a winged boar, various springs, including the famous one in mount Helicon (Also known as the horse spring), and winged sandals, amongst others.

    For millenniums, this winged horse has been continuously inspiring and influencing cultural beliefs and folklore. There is not much competition for this miraculous horse god in the mythical animal world, and it indeed is one of the strongest contenders. However, just like most myths and elements of Greek mythology, Pegasus' existence gets continuously questioned, which looks like it is going to continue for a long time in the future as well.

    So, we would like to ask your opinion on this majestic creature. Do you believe something Pegasus ever existed? And if it did, was Pegasus good or bad?

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